Action research

The continuity of change determines our thinking and work. The structure of a company, and the culture of an organization, are the most effective means of change. Because this culture determines how employees act or do not act, how they communicate or do not communicate, and how they think or do not think. Every organizational culture is complex and difficult and at the same time largely invisible. In the iceberg analogy: 10% can be seen above the surface, 90% are hidden. Making the hidden visible and understanding it as shapeable is the main task of our organizational culture analysis.  That makes the difference. We have many years of expertise in preparing and supporting projects through qualitative impact analyses and action research. You can rely on this. The combination of qualitative research with classical organizational development supports the development of processes, programs and projects.

In contrast to the qualitative impact research carried out by p4d, we accompany and support organizational self-analysis under the heading of “action research”: Selected employees* and managers themselves conduct interviews and participate in observations (shadowing) in their organization. We accompany the process of self-analysis and train employees, managers and other stakeholders to develop their own learning questions, to conduct interviews themselves, and carry out research in the spirit of change. In addition, we support the survey process through professional shadowing of managers and employees in their daily work and through professional observation of their daily work. Furthermore, we advise and moderate the entire analysis process.