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To create the future is our job. For this, we assist organisations, businesses and projects in every imaginable process. Starting with research including studies and publications, continuing with finding strategies und seeking visions and concluding with working out management behaviour, leadership and organisational culture. We do all this with great empathy and a particular expertise in international and multinational teams.

This is how we assist in overcoming barriers, have perspectives changed and opportunities seized.

p4d ... shaping working culture.

To accompany and support the new normal through hybrid event formats

In hybrid formats, participants meet both in person and online at the same event. In contrast to the well-known, often short video conferences and meetings, the formats described here are events that can last up to several days. This article describes challenges and advantages of hybrid formats and their moderation. Well prepared and moderated, hybrid events are a format of the future for us.


p4d New Year greetings 2021

The world is on the move. The year 2020 has moved us all differently than expected. We would like to set out together with you on the path to a new year – on new paths, with new forms of cooperation and moving toward each other in the proven way.

We wish you a good start and good movements in 2021

Claus-Bernhard Pakleppa, Dr. Brigitte Schwinge, all partners & the whole team of p4d


Transformation Compass 2020 online survey: “Change fixes the past – transformation creates the future 

With this in mind, we invite you to share your experiences with profound change in your organization together with the Wiesbaden Business School and in cooperation with SYNERGIE VD GmbH. The Transformation Compass 2020 will be published in spring 2021 and the results will flow into the book “Lust auf Transformation – tiefgreifende Veränderungen erfolgreich gestalten”, by the authors Oliver Haas, Prof Klaus North and Claus Bernhard Pakleppa, which will be published in summer 2021.

Curious? Then please click on the link to participate in the survey:


p4d Academy:Proactively shaping the working world in the "new normal" | Offers for exchange and virtual competence building

Together, as a society, we are experiencing a disruptive moment that is reshaping the world, the way we work together, the priorities we set and the ways we live. The “New Normal” will be different for all of us than the world before COVID-19 – home office as normality, less travel, a push in digitalization, more remote collaboration, a greater turning towards values but also an intensification of social crises and much more.

The p4d-Academy trains the rapid development of virtual skills and moderates exchange formats for managers and entrepreneurs in dealing with the new working environments.


Enabling the successful software implementation of SAP S4/Hana through change management.

The introduction of new software and the harmonization of the associated processes is successful if, in addition to the operational issues, the cultural issues are also taken into account, if they affect the way the organization works, and if change management systematically accompanies and monitors this process.
successful team

Goal-oriented team development according to the Common Ground principle

Four steps on the way to a successful team

In most cases, people work well and successfully together as a team, even without external support. But how can a good team become a high-performance team with external support?