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To create the future is our job. For this, we assist organisations, businesses and projects in every imaginable process. Starting with research including studies and publications, continuing with finding strategies und seeking visions and concluding with working out management behaviour, leadership and organisational culture. We do all this with great empathy and a particular expertise in international and multinational teams.

This is how we assist in overcoming barriers, have perspectives changed and opportunities seized.

p4d ... shaping working culture.

17. FLDN – virtual „Remote as an opportunity? Leadership in crisis situations”

The current situation caused by COVID-19 has disruptive effects on our living and working areas worldwide – equally, it leads to people adapting to the situation with all their energy in the shortest possible time and dealing with it in an incredibly creative way. At the first virtual leadership forum on 07. Aril 2020 from 5:00 pm, we want to deal with experiences and best practices for remote leadership.


Carry out processes, research and events virtually.

We at p4d feel the changes triggered by COVID-19 in our own company on a daily basis, and like all our customers and network partners, we are currently working hard to adapt to the new situation. For this purpose we offer all events in the adapted format also online!


Review of the p4d kitchen talks on Friday 06 March 2020

Our salon is the kitchen! On 06 March 2020 we have started our “Kitchen Talks” with the focus topic working world of tomorrow.

The focus was on a short impulse from p4d, networking among interested customers, friends and partners as well as the joint informal exchange of experiences, visions and risks regarding the working culture of tomorrow.

We had an exciting and successful evening and look forward to the next date for the p4d Afterwork Kitchen Talks on June 19, 2020 – save the date!


The captain's resigning? Opportunity and limitations of self-control and leadership.

Changed working environments and how organisations shape them will continue to be an important topic in 2020 and beyond.

The 16th Forum. Leading. Design. Networking. – on Tour took place on January 14th in cooperation with the SYNERGIE VertriebsDienstleitung GmbH in the rooms of the tarent solutions GmbH.

successful team

Goal-oriented team development according to the Common Ground principle

Four steps on the way to a successful team

In most cases, people work well and successfully together as a team, even without external support. But how can a good team become a high-performance team with external support?


Leadership Development by p4d

You may call it executive coaching, leadership development or career planning, we coach managers and entrepreneurs in our own p4d way. Based on partnership, always at eye level, appreciative and attentively we facilitate your career. As sparring partners being your equal. We turn ‘classic management’ into modern leadership.