Understanding, enabling and shaping profound change

Unpredictable developments and radical, sometimes existential changes in politics, society, markets and technology are no longer the exception, but the rule. Most organizations react to this as they have always done in the past: They optimize. But that is no longer enough. What is needed is the ability to transform, to think and act in multiple futures, in unpredictability and unplannability. This is neither easy nor pleasant, but necessary.

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This book is both an orientation and a guide to action in the jungle of change. Detached from hypes, trends and dogmas, the authors create an understanding for a professional approach to profound change. To this end, they reflect on their own many years of transformation experience, but also provide concrete practical insights into the diverse world of experience of people who have successfully implemented transformations. In this way, they provide impulses and concrete tools for their own transformation work. With this book, you will receive a comprehensive, practical navigation aid that will enable you to successfully shape transformation. The book is aimed at all those people who want to take responsibility for far-reaching changes and actively tackle them.

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