Webinars, online courses and virtual training

Call it executive coaching, leadership development or career planning, we look after executives and entrepreneurial personalities in our very individual way. We accompany you on your professional path in a spirit of partnership, always at eye level, appreciatively and attentively. Leadership Development offers me virtual or blended formats in addition to the classic face-to-face formant. As a sparring partner at your level. We turn classic leadership into modern leadership. We provide tools and strategies to help you optimize your leadership practice so that your employees are on the same page with you.


Our virtual offer:

  • Implementation of almost all leadership development topics in virtual space
  • Demand-oriented, conscious linking of the advantages of face-to-face events with virtual formats and collaborative elements beyond the event
  • Creating an atmosphere of trust
  • Select the right digital tools and use them interactively
  • Achieving good learning effects through digitally translated methods
  • Technical assistance required


Our approach | applies to all leadership training:

  • Thought is not said.
  • Said is not heard.
  • Heard is not understood.
  • Understood is not agreed.
  • Agreed is not implemented.

This means for us: In training as well as in the daily management routine, a process of common perception, reflection and (meta-)communication is needed to get from the management concept to the implementation by employees. This is where we start.

In order to consider the entire system of your organization/company, we work systematically and consistently in a practice-oriented manner: In addition to teaching theoretical models, one focus of our training is on exercise sequences in collegial exchange in virtual breakout sessions. These are carried out on the basis of practice-relevant cases from the professional everyday life of the managers as well as in the form of role plays and example cases from your everyday management.



  • Savings in working and travel time
  • Flexibility on demand
  • Learning in the home or personal working environment