Virtual research

Our approach

The continuity of change determines our thinking and work. Virtual research can be explored and described on the basis of interviews and group discussions and reflected back to the participants. In this way, implicit assumptions become explicit, discussable and thus shapeable. We can implement this type of research in organisational development processes, in qualitative impact research, evaluations and in the context of organisational culture analysis.


Our virtual offer:

  • Performance and analysis of guideline-based in-depth or focus interviews and group discussions (see Qualitative Impact Analysis, Cultural Analysis, Evaluations) in virtual space
  • The virtual interview is not congruent with the face-to-face interview: p4d moderators* use other exploration techniques to create the appropriate proximity and depth
  • Required technical support during group discussions
  • complementary to face-to-face research or as independent research


Advantages of virtually conducted research:

  • Easier scheduling of group discussions (bringing stakeholders together) and
    in national teams
  • Shorter periods for the exploration period of the project
  • Inclusion of stakeholders over distance without travel costs