Virtual processes, organizational development, strategy development

Shaping the future is our task. To this end, we accompany organisations, companies and projects through all conceivable processes.

We support change projects for strategy and vision development in a conceptual, advisory and process-accompanying manner. We accompany our customers with our neutral and cooperative view from outside. We keep the goal in mind, even in complex projects. We bring the right people together at the right time and ensure sustainable change, strategy and vision projects.


Our virtual offer:

  • Implementation of organizational development processes in virtual space
  • Demand-oriented conscious linking of the advantages of face-to-face events with virtual formats and collaborative elements within the process
  • Select the right digital tools and use them interactively
  • Required technical support



  • Cross-site (international) flexible cooperation in the process
  • Savings in working and travel time
  • Short-term advice and process support over distance
  • Flexibility on demand
  • Involve larger groups of employees through virtual collaborative tools, virtual townhall meetings, digital queries, etc.
  • Transparent procedures and faster feedback loops


Increased work in virtual space has an impact on the way teams work and the culture of the entire organization. In the context of organisational development processes in virtual space or in the integration of presence work and virtual work approaches, we pay particular attention to the special design of these new working environments.