Virtual meetings and moderation

We support communication processes through moderation in virtual space. This enables teams and groups to achieve relevant results in a structured manner and to shape their relationships with each other in a positive way. p4d moderation and process support allows different opinions, perspectives and interests to have their say and dialogues to develop. We structure content and make it manageable. We make commonalities visible and work with the intelligence of the group to achieve the set goals virtually.


Our virtual offer:

  • Implementation of almost all meetings and workshops in virtual space#
  • Demand-oriented, conscious linking of the advantages of face-to-face events with virtual formats and collaborative elements beyond the event
  • Creating an atmosphere of trust
    Select the right digital tools and use them interactively
  • Technical assistance required
    Design of virtual dialogues in which the stakeholders, as experts in their organisation, have their say
  • Good mix of virtual plenary, virtual small group work and individual reflections
  • Virtual interactive methods
  • Impulses and key note Impulses that set the framework and prepare topics and lines of development
  • Results that you can continue to work with



  • Cross-location (international) flexible cooperation in the workshop
  • Savings in working and travel time
  • Short-term support at meetings and workshops
  • Flexibility on Demand
  • Transparent procedures and faster feedback loops