Team processes, team performance, common ground

Teambuilding is called the ‘common ground process’ here and is an effective tool to improve teamwork and the performance of your team in a perceptible way. Because the common ground of a team is the mutual platform for a successful and sustainable achievement of your objectives.

Key factors for the common ground of a team are:

  • one objective all participants can identify with
  • strategic and other intentions regarding the objectives clarified to all participants
  • shared values
  • mutual appreciation
  • clear communication (open and plain, all participants are involved and have the same level of information regarding the common objective and project)
  • common rituals
  • clarified roles
  • clearly settled fields of competence and responsibility
  • commitment


Our experiences show that consciously and actively establishing, creating and maintaining the common ground is a constant management task and central for successful actions. It is the basis for the achievement of every goal. All strategies, projects and actions serving to achieve an objective depend on the quality of the common ground. An actively created and shaped common ground decreases the chance of incidents, sabotage and resistance – in your daily routines and especially when facing changes.

Within the whole process, we support managers in creating, shaping and further developing the common ground with their team as the ‘operating system’ of their teamwork. In our common ground workshop, we coach teams and departments to be able to fully utilize their potential and perform at top efficiency.