Systemic leadership coaching

We give support in coping with management challenges in an outcome-oriented way. Our individual coaching improves your professional competence, uncovers existing resources and guides you to responsible actions.

Our comprehension of coaching
Coaching in the context of organisations is predicated on your precise request and adjusted to your organisational culture between the three poles of management, self-management and organisational structure. We facilitate managers in accessing their inner strengths, competencies, and resources to master their own challenges.

Systemisches Führungscoaching

Systemic | The leadership coaching is bases on your organisational culture and between the three poles of management, self-management and organisational structure.

Situational | Offering coachings in the context of organisations, p4d adjusts all measures to your individual situation, the requests of the coachee and, when indicated, to the concerns of the manager.

Focused on resources | The approach of our coaching is based on the idea that the coachee already possesses all the resources it takes for a suitable solution. The coaching supports the manager in becoming aware of them (again), focusing on and actively making use of them.

Outcome-oriented | Our leadership coaching is focused on developing motivating solutions, suspending established habits and paradigms and replacing them with new options for action.

In personal responsibility of the coachee | For the common work between coachee and coach, it is important that the coachee actively engages in the process of change. The coaching is more successful if the coachee experiments with the developed solutions and measures between the coaching sessions, integrating them into his daily routines.

Confidential | Last but not least: the content of all coaching sessions is of course confidential. We only talk about expectations and agreements with the manager of the coachee.