Sparring partner for management and decision makers

What does sparring mean?

Wikipedia says:

Sparring (engl. to spar with someone “to deal with someone”) is a form of training that exists in many martial arts. It is a fighting similar to competition, but with changed rules and agreements to prevent injuries as much as possible. The intention of sparring is to improve the skills of the participants, while in competition a winner is to be determined. The word was initially used in German-speaking countries only for boxing. For sparring, additional padded boxing gloves are sometimes used. Depending on the type of boxing, the palm of the hand is either free or closed.”


Sparring with p4d

If fast and well-founded answers have to be found for concrete leadership questions, leadership training and leadership coaching are often not the appropriate tool. p4d is a sparring partner for management and decision makers.

  • Sparring is an open and evaluation-free space in which managers reflect on their strategic questions, ideas and options at eye level.
  • Options for action can be reflected and their consequences can be played through as in dry swimming. In this way, decisions are strategically prepared and the “space of possibility” for decisions and actions is expanded.
  • p4d acts as a neutral thinking partner. The executive benefits from our fresh and neutral view as well as from our solid experience.
  • In contrast to leadership coaching, where the focus is on the coachee developing the solution for his or her own concerns, in sparring we bring in our entire background of experience from organizational development, process support and training in a much more active and consultative way. The background is provided by the large number of conversations we have had in the past with managers and decision-makers and continue to hold on a daily basis.

We support you in your decision-making and give you well-founded and honest feedback on your thoughts and ideas.