What we stand for, what we offer, who we are.

We are curious for changes and creation, always open to uncommon solutions and willing to make progress, individually and as an organisation. p4d stands for successful process facilitation, facilitation based on partnership, and highly professional staging of your workshops, conferences and events.

We work with individuals, teams and organisations towards their development and optimisation. We conduct individual and group coaching sessions, we facilitate processes, we provide reflection facilities and learning journeys, we conduct research and provide descriptive analyses based on qualitative interviews.

Even for most complex assignments, our p4d office team can offer the ideal expert, whether as a partner, associate, or employee. We work internationally and interculturally, and we have specific experience with the countries in Southern Africa.

Amongst our clients, you’ll find German and international companies, organisations and NGOs.

Wir führen das WIR


We at p4d are a strong team standing for the meaningful shaping of futures and systemic organisational development. We discover team spirit and the sense of unity – not only in our own fellow members but also in the teams of your customers.
We conduct processes for teams appealing to all senses, triggering development and improving every performance. In the context of organisational development, we are experts in analysis, process facilitation and presentation:

change  and transformation processes

planning and strategy development

organisational culture

development of missions and visions

team processes, team performance, common ground

facilitation of mergers

support for project implementation with professional advise


Wir FORSCHEN und lassen forschen


Since our early childhood, we live with that curiosity, pleasure of experimentation, our thirst for knowledge. Research is the first step for us to understand and diagnose conscious and unconscious elements of each work and organisational culture or specific topic areas that are important for the achievement of objectives.

We have many years of expertise in preparing projects through qualitative impact analyses, evaluation and action research and also ongoing project supervision – on that you can rely. The linkage between qualitative research and classic organisational development guides us to programmes, projects and processes:

qualitative impact analysis

action research


organizational culture analysis

Führungskräfte Coaching
Wir führen das ICH


Whether coaching or career planning, whether learning or leadership development, we support executives and entrepreneurs as individually as possible. Our support in your professional development is based on partnership, equal footing, being appreciative, and always mindful. As a sparring partner at your level.

leadership development

systemic leadership coaching

sparring partner for management and decision-makers



Bonn is our habitat, the world is our home. Where we promote understanding, discover similarities, overcome separating factors and progress together. This intercultural learning, creating a ‘We’ across cultures and groups is an important part of p4d‘s wealth of experience. And that is what we keep working on. Worldwide.


Process consulting, coaching, training and research with international teams and organisations, in Germany and worldwide.


We also find appropriate event formats for all issues:

workshop ‘working and living in an intercultural context’

intercultural preparation for working in South Africa


Regional experience, among others:

Europe, USA, sub-Sahara Africa, South East Asia, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, China, Namibia, Turkey, also with multinational groups



We also offer appropriate event set-ups for all issues:


large group events

multi-stakeholder processes

learning journeys


Virtual collaboration platform Howspace

Howspace is a digital, interactive platform for transformation processes to share knowledge and learn from others by supporting active collaboration between participants:

Networking via chat or video conference and sharing content with each other.

Documentation and analysis of the results of a collaboration.

Creation of simple guided learning paths (e-learning).

Promotion of change and learning processes through interactive content.

Organization of events and their participation.


In addition to our on-site services, we also offer all events online in an adapted format. Adapted means for us not only to focus completely on digital work but above all to consistently adapt the moderation of your processes and workshops to the digital space. Despite the new format, we will continue to support you in our role as process facilitators, moderators, sparring partners, researchers and management coaches in our proven goal- and dialogue-oriented manner. In addition to the implementation of your event, we also offer you access and the necessary IT support for the design of the process.

With our expertise and the following formats, you can also communicate constructively and efficiently with your teams and interface partners remotely and continue to pursue your corporate goals:

Virtual research

Virtual conferences

Virtual processes, organizational development, strategy development

Virtual coaching, sparring, mediation

Virtual meetings and moderation

Webinars, online courses and virtual training

Learning to work virtually

Guided Communities of Practice