Alexander Fröde
Partner p4d and organizational consultant

Remote Leadership – good leadership at a distance

Especially in confusing times, leaders are navigators for teams, organizations and networks. They are challenged to take care of themselves and the people entrusted to them in an unclear context. Especially in these times, they are asked to provide orientation, create meaning, and make smart decisions and set priorities with calmness and clarity.

In this online session, you will learn, among other things, insights and a concrete model from neuroscience that help with leadership at a distance. You will get an overview of what are key building blocks of remote leadership. You’ll learn about helpful attitudes and principles for remote leadership and get concrete ideas for microinterventions. And you will have the opportunity to reflect on your own leadership situations and challenges.

Contents of the online training:

  • Neuroscientific foundations of leadership
  • Needs in change situations
  • Leading at a distance in an employee-oriented and needs-based manner
  • Self-management in the leadership role at a distance
  • Helpful basic assumptions
  • Tools and social techniques
  • Reflection on own challenges

Sessions last 3 hours and have the following format:

Dates, platform and management:

  • On request
  • Alexander Fröde (Partner p4d and organizational consultant)
  • Small groups up to a maximum of 15 people
  • Experts as speakers
  • Transfer of practice
  • Price 125,- € plus VAT per appointment

All formats can also be booked as in-house formats. Please contact us. We will be happy to advise you:

Jessica Lecce
Tel +49 (0) 228 98 164 – 16

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