Qualitative impact analysis

The combination of qualitative research with classical organisational development supports the development of processes, programmes and projects. p4d‘s approach to qualitative impact analysis assumes that work and organizational culture can be actively shaped.
Within the framework of qualitative impact research, we conduct guideline-based in-depth interviews and group discussions with employees*, managers and other stakeholders and also work with participatory observation.
In-depth interviews record the working environment of the respondents and their organizational culture. They serve to gain a holistic understanding of the cultural impact factors. Within the framework of the guideline-based in-depth interviews and group discussions, managers and employees are invited to describe their perspectives and experiences of (cooperation) work in detail and in very concrete terms. The results serve as a common platform for understanding. Especially at the beginning of a process, they are used to enable the organisation to look at itself through the mirror of the analysis. In doing so, seemingly self-evident things are seen in a new light. Advantage: we work out conscious and unconscious causal relations for you. Because understanding is the first step toward change. The report is presented in the form of a vivid and experiential presentation of the results.