Merger support: Logistics for the metal industry

As part of a merger process between two logistics companies for the metal industry, p4d carried out a qualitative impact analysis on the merging of the two locations concerned. In-depth interviews with managers from both locations laid the foundation for preparing the organizational development workshops moderated by p4d.

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Interim Evaluation of the German-Turkish Youth Bridge 2019/2020

On behalf of Stiftung Mercator, p4d will again evaluate the work of the German-Turkish Youth Bridge in 2019/2020. Within the scope of this evaluation, 17 in-depth interviews with different stakeholders of the DTJB are currently being conducted.

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Evaluation of the alumni work of Stiftung Mercator

Since 2019, p4d has been evaluating the various programmes of Stiftung Mercator with regard to its work with alumni. Against this background, the p4d team conducts 16 focus interviews with alumni and partners of the foundation.

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Evaluation of the programme “Enter Africa – gamify your future” for the Goethe-Institut e.V.

Since 2018 the p4d team has been evaluating the programme "Enter Africa - gamify your future" for the Goethe-Institute. With Enter Africa the Goethe-Institute imparts knowledge about analogue and digital game development in order to think ahead and actively shape change.

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Changing leadership in schools

Based on the preliminary studies of 2016 and 2017, a qualitative impact analysis for the Montag Stiftung Jugend und Gesellschaft investigated the opportunities and challenges of leadership and the leadership task from the perspective of school administrators in a municipality in NRW in 2019.

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ZOE article about the Forum Leading. Shaping. Networking.

The magazine for organization development (ZOE) reports in the expenditure 2/2015 on the f Forum Leading. Shaping. Networking., which accomplishes p4d in co-operation with podium49 regularly.

The article places the format ?forum leading.arranging.interlacing? before ...

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Gmbh Chef

Self-management: Leading successfully

In a short article in the gmbh chef. we deal with the topic of self-management.

This article presents four principles that help entrepreneurs to manage their businesses successfully:

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ZOE Cover 2 2018

Consulting and process facilitation in trans-organisational cooperation and with multi-stakeholder initiatives

The article by Brigitte Schwinge and Claus Pakleppa was published in: “Shaping Organisations Intelligently - The Handbook for Organisational Development and Change Management” (Organisationen klug gestalten - Das Handbuch für Organisationsentwicklung und Change Management) Publishers: Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag, Stuttgart.

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Practice Project in Teacher Training

In 2015, p4d carried out an accompanying study on the university project of a practice semester for the Zentrum für LehrerInnenbildung, ZfL (Centre for Teacher Training). Students wanting to become teachers were questioned in seven in-depth interviews. The aim of this qualitative analysis was to create a concept for the project’s future integration into the project "Connected worlds in everyday life: Cologne teacher training between the poles of science and living environment".

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Human Resource Management in International Cooperative Systems

In 2016, based on interviews with 39 national and international executives of the DGRV’s (German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation – reg. assoc.) department for international relations, p4d evaluated the current situation and the requirements in the context of human resources. This was carried with the objective of developing and restructuring the HR section, a process which p4d facilitated and supported in an advisory function.

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