Organizational Culture Analysis

When change processes are pending in an organization – whether because partial aspects are being reorganized or because major cuts are imminent – the organizational culture influences all steps of the change. The existing organizational culture can promote or hinder the desired changes. It is therefore helpful to understand what influence the specific culture has on these changes and how the workforce positions itself in relation to the change against this background. In this way, blind spots can be illuminated and levers and set screws can be found for a constructive handling of the change. The workforce feels taken along.

Our concept of culture | organizational culture describes the common explicit and implicit assumptions regarding togetherness and the do’s and don’ts that shape the behavior and especially the interaction of the various actors and groups of actors in an organization. In times of change, these assumptions also influence the view of the desired change and can promote or inhibit it.

Our approach | The culture of an organisation can be explored, described and reflected back to the participants on the basis of interviews and participatory observation (see Qualitative Impact Analysis; Action Research). In this way, implicit assumptions become explicit, discussable and thus shapeable.