Multi-stakeholder processes

Our challenge in multi-stakeholder processes is to take all stakeholders on board, create synergies, heed common interests and point out objectives and ways to share. We plan and facilitate multi-stakeholder meetings and workshops as events with focus on dialogue: all stakeholders with their different perspectives, expectations and requirements get in touch with each other, appear and speak as experts for their issue and company and have the chance to network.

As a consultant, facilitator and host, p4d views itself as neutral and impartial. We support all stakeholders in jointly advancing the project, focused on resources and outcome.


That needs e.g.:

  • facilitating support in the conceptual planning of the meetings and development of a presentation concept
  • creating a process architecture considering all levels in the system, necessary supervision and communication processes as well as feedback loops
  • the hosting of events or supportive facilitation for intern (co-)hosts
  • preparing short reports with recommendations as wrap-up and for follow-ups