Our moderation supports your communication processes. We make teams and groups able to gain relevant insights and to create their network in a structured and positive way. p4d moderation and process facilitation respects different opinions, perspectives and interests and lets each of them get a word in edgeways creating dialogues. We structure content and arrange it well. We show commonalities and work with the intelligence of the group to achieve all defined objectives.

Depending on objectives and the initial situation, the p4d moderators give you support in

  • … getting to know each other better and improving teamwork
  • … exchanging experiences, perspectives, chances and incidents in teamwork
  • … focussing more on the defined objectives
  • … clarifying interfaces
  • … increasing efficiency
  • … finding solutions and reaching agreements


This is our part:

  • to operate neutral and impartially
  • to define objectives with you
  • to bring together different parties with their interests and motivations and creating constructive dialogues
  • to keep track of the group dynamics, objectives and content
  • to support a common perception of all participants about relevant topics, so reached agreements are based upon a common ground


What is important to us:

  • creating dialogues in which all stakeholders are integrated as experts of their organisation
  • the right mix of work in plenum, in small groups and individual reflections
  • interactive methods, encouraging new perceptions and fun (sociometric exercises, scaling, dialogue walks, reflecting teams, open space settings, creative techniques, methods of design thinking, digital live visualisation, …)
  • impulses and keynote impulses, setting the framework and preparing content and developments
  • encouraging changes of perspectives and holism, to keep all relevant perspectives in view
  • consciously arranged room setting, so the room supports your process in an optimal way
  • results helping you to continue your process