Learning Journeys

Organisations learn most from other organisations. On our individually designed expeditions to inspiring places, companies and organisations, you will break away from the familiar environment and ingrained patterns of thought. Possible topics are: New Work, agile working environments, disruption, dealing with one’s own segment in other settings and countries, and much more.

You gain the energy for exchange, insight, impulses and innovation. Learning journeys are an expedition into the future and anticipate change. Proven, popular, best practice.

Our approach:

  • Learning journeys enable a change of perspective | Experiencing how other organisations and their actors deal with their own issues can provide valuable impulses.
  • Learning journeys promote creativity| People think in context. Example: If you give a person three completely different terms or objects that seemingly have nothing to do with each other, most people can spontaneously and easily make a connection or construct a story from it. This gives rise to new and inspiring ideas.
  • Diversity as a yardstick | The organisation visited can (should) therefore (see point 2) preferably come from a different industry or a completely different field and be organised and structured differently but be a pioneer in terms of the question. The more different, the more inspiring ideas can be generated.
  • Moderated process of action research | In a moderated process with good preparation and follow-up, the organisational learning question is first developed, the concrete procedure is discussed, the actual journey is carried out and followed up. In the follow-up, the insights are jointly reflected upon and, on this basis, ideas, prototypes and measures for transfer and implementation in the own organisation are developed.