Leadership development

You may call it executive coaching, leadership development or career planning, we coach managers and entrepreneurs in our own p4d way. Based on partnership, always at eye level, appreciative and attentively we facilitate your career. As sparring partners being your equal. We turn ‘classic management’ into modern leadership. We impart tools and strategies, helping you optimise your leadership practice to make your staff work as one team.


Our approach | For all leadership trainings applies the following:

  • Thought is not said.
  • Said is not heard.
  • Heard is not understood.
  • Understood is not agreed on.
  • Agreed on is not implemented.

This means for us: in our training as well as in your daily management routine, common awareness, reflection and (meta-)communication is needed to make a concept be put into practice by your staff. This is our starting point.

We work systemically and with hands-on mentality to take your whole company system into account: next to theoretical foundations, our leadership trainings focus on exercises and exchange amongst colleagues. All exercises, like role plays and case studies, are compiled relevant and practical cases referring to the daily work of managers.


Our offer | Topics of leadership development:

  • leadership training
  • agile leadership
  • leadership reflection
  • shaping organisational culture
  • shaping ‘New Work’
  • creation of change & transformation
  • development and implementation of strategy
  • training in moderation


Deepening and transfer | Leadership challenges are complex, that is why we offer basic, advanced and deepening modules with the opportunity to practice and apply your learnings and reflect them on a meta-level. Furthermore, we offer assistance in ensuring the transfer of your learnings into your daily routines in individual coaching sessions.


Location | For all trainings, we recommend a location outside of your company office and at least one overnight stay, so the evening can be used for the collective processing of your learnings. For group trainings for up to 15 persons as well as individual coaching sessions, you may rent inspiring rooms at our p4d office in Bonn.