Large group events

We are experts for the planning, arrangement and facilitation of your large group events, putting the focus on you and your company and bringing your participants into a constructive dialogue. Excellent hosting and modern, interactive methods of dialogue ensure a maximum of exchange and networking.

  • in-house events pursue the purpose of furthering your company as a whole, focused and joint, and directing it to a common goal
  • external / public events pursue the purpose of experiencing trends, integrating multiple stakeholders with their experiences and implementing your company’s target settings (indirectly as innovator, directly with specific follow-up processes)


What’s important to us:

  • creating dialogues in which all stakeholders are integrated as experts of their organisation
  • the right mix of work in plenum, in small groups and individual reflections
  • interactive methods, encouraging new perceptions and fun (sociometric exercises, scaling, dialogue walks, reflecting teams, open space settings, creative techniques, methods of design thinking, digital live visualisation, …)
  • impulses and keynote impulses, setting the framework and preparing content and developments
  • encouraging changes of perspectives and holism, to keep all relevant perspectives in view
  • consciously arranged room setting, so the room supports your process in an optimal way
  • results helping you to continue your process