16th Forum Lead. Designing. Networking. – on Tour on the topic “The captain resigns? Chance and limits of self-control and leadership.

Changed working environments and how organisations shape them will also be an important topic in 2020 and beyond.

The 16th Forum. Leadership. Designing. Networking. – on Tour in cooperation with SYNERGIE VertriebsDienstleitung GmbH took place in the rooms of tarent solutions GmbH.

After a guided tour through tarent solutions GmbH, Claus-Bernhard Pakleppa (p4d) led through an inspiring evening, which, thanks to the vivid contributions of the three initiators*, provided insights into the challenges of self-control and leadership in their companies.

Afterwards, they exchanged views with the 45 guests about agile leadership methods, the courage to change and the opportunities and limits that result from this.

How does the assumption of self-responsibility work in the new decade – asks organizer and moderator Claus Pakleppa his three impulse generators* at the 16th Forum Leading. Designing. Networking on 14 January 2020 at tarent solutions GmbH and gets answers that show that successful companies deal with this question in very different ways:

Dr. Stephan Barth reports how the topic of self-control at the software developer tarent, driven by the management level as well as by the staff, has meanwhile spread through almost all organisational areas. Instead of control and authority by the management level, tarent works according to the principle of team responsibility and the adherence to a comprehensive, organizational set of rules. Shifting decisions consistently into the teams and enduring the results, even if one might have decided differently oneself, is part of the daily business for the management level of tarent. This gives room for the creation of new topics and business fields and also led to a high identification with the company and a very low employee fluctuation on the majority of employees.

In the DEUTA-Werke, work was carried out very successfully over many years, mainly on the basis of instruction and control. The railway supplier, which is driven by state regulations, is currently working specifically towards integrating the issue of self-control in selected areas of the company, selectively and successively, into the traditional company. As the driving force and “measure” of this process, Dr.- Ing. Georgia Papaioannou pays particular attention to introducing managers and employees* to the subject with tact and sensitivity. From her perspective, a good and appreciative understanding of the organizational and employee-related challenges and perspectives, as well as time for implementation, are indispensable to sustainably accompany the necessary cultural change.

At Lekkerland, which has been part of the ReWe Group for a year now, negotiations are still underway on the levels at which a focus on consciously integrated self-management can be useful in order to continue to serve the market successfully. Thomas Teetz considers the courage of managers to experiment with a new understanding of their roles to be a decisive key competence for dealing well with the challenges and opportunities of changing markets, new technologies and changing employee needs and for exploiting the potential of self-management.

In their conclusion, Claus Pakleppa and his impulse-givers* stated, among other things, that the element of self-management in companies is promising at very different levels. The aim is not to introduce self-management at all levels, but to find out and experiment at which levels the approach fits the company. Successful self-management is also more a question of attitude than of specific tools and methods. For the introduction and establishment of self-controlling elements, the commitment of top management is essential. And within the framework of the necessary cultural change and in everyday business life, shared and lived mission statements, binding organizational rules and regulations, as well as the highest degree of openness and transparency, support a shared vision.