Sustainable collaboration via the Howspace communication platform

Involve and engage partners, customers and employees interactively: virtual, hybrid and live.

We have all gained a lot of experience with virtual and hybrid formats in the last two years, and it is hard to imagine our daily lives without them. But what is often missing here are diverse exchange and participation opportunities for employees, partners and customers that can be used over a longer period of time. With the virtual collaboration platform Howspace, long-term transformation processes, networking and participation procedures or events and trainings can be designed virtually, hybrid and in presence with the help of a state of the art digital collaboration platform and thereby achieve more interaction and participation and thus more sustainable results. On the basis of concrete different practical examples we present the use, potentials and design of the digital collaboration platform Howspace.

  • What do examples of use for networking, transformation, participation, training and events look like?
  • How to design virtual, hybrid and face-to-face formats interactively using the virtual interaction platform, even beyond one day?
  • How to use a digital collaboration platform like Howspace without overwhelming participants with technology?
  • How do you extend the exchange, the usability of a wide variety of materials before and after individual different formats for a longer period of time?
  • How do you create networking, bonding and real exchange in the process?

p4d has been designing transformation and organizational development processes for many years. SYNERGIE has many years of experience with diverse participation-oriented event formats. Both companies accompany, curate and moderate a variety of formats. We want to share this experience with you. You will experience interactions and examples from our customer experiences for sustainable events, network building, transformation processes, trainings and research up to the use for sales processes.

Organization and moderation:
Claus-Bernhard Pakleppa | Managing Director, Shareholder, p4d GmbH
Ralf Karabasz | Managing Director, SYNERGIE VertriebsDienstleistung GmbH

You will experience two inspiring hours, during which we will provide best practice examples as well as exchange, networking and virtual interaction, supported by our virtual moderation platform Howspace.

p4d GmbH in cooperation with SYNERGIE VertriebsDienstleistung GmbH.


Welcome on Tuesday, February 22nd at 16:00!

Participation fee: For free
Binding registration:
Contact: p4d | Tel: 0228 98 164 60 |

We look forward to welcoming you on Tuesday, February 22!