For the first time, the forum organized by p4d GmbH together with tarent solutions GmbH took place. Lead. Design. Networking. in cooperation online via Zoom.

Together with almost 50 participants from the region and nationwide, we dealt in virtual plenum and small groups with how leadership works in crisis situations, in which form leadership from a distance is also an opportunity for cooperation and which leadership and management competence is necessary in such situations.

Exciting conversations with the organizers and moderators Claus Pakleppa (p4d GmhH) and Dr. Stefan Barth (tarent solutions GmbH), Carsten Schmitz-Hoffmann (GIZ GmbH) as the initiator and the participants showed that successful people deal with remote leadership in different situations and quite differently. Using the example of development cooperation in Afghanistan, Carsten Schmitz-Hoffmann reported on his long-standing leadership experience in crisis situations and from a distance and shared his best-practice examples as well as considerations on transferability to current leadership challenges under Covid-19. Empathy and authenticity, openness for new things, continuous adaptation to changing circumstances, a clear understanding of roles and the focus on the right goals are among the success criteria especially for leadership from a distance and in virtual space.

We would like to thank all participants for an exciting evening and are already looking forward to the 18th Leadership Forum. Design. Networking in May 2020. Save the date – be there!

Best regards

Claus Pakleppa, Brigitte Schwinge & the p4d team
Stefan Barth and the tarent team

Impulse giver of the evening:

Carsten Schmitz-Hoffmann | Head of International Services and previously Head of the GIZ Country Office in Afghanistan (2017 – 2019), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Setting the framework and moderation:

Claus-Bernhard Pakleppa | Managing Partner | p4d GmbH

Dr. Stefan Barth | Management Board – COO | tarent solutions GmbH

You will experience an inspiring evening with best practice examples and a short “tasting” of models. We will provide for virtual interactions.

Treat yourself to a glass of wine from the home office – we will unfortunately not be able to pour it for you, but we can toast each other together!

We would be happy to welcome you to the first virtual forum!

p4d GmbH in cooperation with tarent solutions GmbH.

participation fee: 10,- €


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