We evaluate projects, programmes and cooperation in organisations with our approach of qualitative impact analysis. Our special focus is on linking qualitative research with approaches of systemic organizational development.

Within the framework of qualitative evaluations, we conduct guideline-based in-depth interviews or group discussions with key persons and work with participatory observation. In addition, questionnaire-based online surveys can be used if required. In-depth interviews are individual or group interviews to record the interviewees’ life worlds and everyday culture in dealing with the project or programme to be evaluated or in the context of organisational cooperation. They serve to gain a holistic understanding of the cultural impact factors in dealing with the object to be evaluated and provide concrete information for further development.

Advantage | We work out conscious and unconscious cause-effect relationships for you, describe them in a psychologically comprehensible way and point out development perspectives. Because understanding is the first step towards change. The report is presented in the form of a clear, experiential presentation of results.

The results of the evaluation are made available in and for workshops as well as in the context of other accompanying measures such as consulting and sparring for managers.