Dr. Brigitte Schwinge

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Analysis. Facilitation. Mediation.

I accompany executives and (management) teams to achieve the goals of their organization in a realistically feasible way and to pull together to achieve them. Depending on the occasion, I work in research, coaching, consulting, moderating and/or mediating and always with an eye on the relevant actors and system landscape. It is important to me to combine clear and comprehensible analyses and understanding processes with an emphatic and appreciative attitude. I support the participants in developing a common view of the opportunities and challenges of their topic against the background of their work or organisational culture and the different interests and perspectives, and on this basis to develop meaningful and sustainable solutions together.


  • Partner of p4d | partnership for development GmbH (since 2006) and partner of p4d KG (since 2019) in Bonn
  • Systemic organizational development
  • Head of qualitative impact analysis, research and evaluation

Key activities

  • Organizational development and change processes | Conception and consulting during change projects for strategy, project and product development
  • Qualitative impact analysis and evaluation | Action research, organisational culture, corporate identity and strategy, employee satisfaction, intercultural cooperation, consumer perception of products, innovations and relaunches, programme measures, market and media impact research
  • Moderation | of processes and various event and workshop formats of organizational development in the role of project management
  • Sectors | Industry, Development Cooperation, Science, Market Research and Public Sponsors
  • Advanced trainings | in conflict management and mediation in teams and organizations (with Prof. F. Glasl & R. Ballreich), Capacity WORKS (GIZ AIZ), Trainer for Relaxation & Mental Fitness (with Dr. W. Ehrhardt), Coaching (with Dr. W. Ehrhardt)
    Market and media impact research & consulting (KAMM)
  • Regional work experience | Namibia, South Africa, Dubai


  • Schwinge, Brigitte; Pakleppa, Claus-Bernhard und Köster-Ehling, Olaf (2018): Co-Kreation in Multi-Akteurs-Prozessen. Eine Fallstudie zur Nutzung der Theorie U. In: Zeitschrift für Organisationsentwicklung. Ausgabe 2/ 2018.
  • Schwinge, Brigitte; Pakleppa, Claus-Bernhard und Sutterlüti, Wolfgang (2016): Der Common Ground-Prozess. Ein integrativer Ansatz zur gemeinsamen Gestaltung von Arbeitskultur. In: Zeitschrift für Organisationsentwicklung. Ausgabe 2/ 2016.
  • Schwinge, Brigitte und Pakleppa, Claus-Bernhard (2016): Beratung und Prozessbegleitung in der transorganisationalen Zusammenarbeit und bei Multistakeholderinitiativen. In: Asselmeyer, Herbert und Roehl, Heiko (Hrsg.): Organisationen klug gestalten. Kompetenzen für eine komplexe Welt. Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag.​
  • Schwinge, Brigitte and Pakleppa, Claus-Bernhard (2012): Research based recommendations for enhancing mutual satisfaction and success in international voluntary service – Drawn from the SAGE Net qualitative impact research on the German weltwärts programme to South Africa. In: SAGE Net Deutschland e.V. (ed.): International volunteering in Southern Africa: Potential for Change? Bonn: Scientia Bonnensis.
  • Schwinge, Brigitte and Pakleppa, Claus-Bernhard in cooperation with Helene Perold and Associates, Johannesburg and CDRA, Cape Town (2012): Strengthening German-South African business performance. Perspectives from 15 companies on the strategic use of diversity and forms of interaction.


Dr. Brigitte Schwinge
Phone +49 (0) 228 98 164 – 66
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