ZOE Cover 2 2018

Consulting and process facilitation in trans-organisational cooperation and with multi-stakeholder initiatives

The article by Brigitte Schwinge and Claus Pakleppa was published in: “Shaping Organisations Intelligently – The Handbook for Organisational Development and Change Management” (Organisationen klug gestalten – Das Handbuch für Organisationsentwicklung und Change Management) Publishers: Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag, Stuttgart.

In this text, we describe prospects, skills and knowledge of methods that, from our experience, are necessary for consulting trans-organisational processes and giving advice along the way. Trans-organisational consulting can support the system in creating long-term reduction of coordination costs, by consciously creating a joint set of targets and practices. Both consultants and people looking into the specific system and its features should see themselves as advocates for the higher target of the project and as experts for process facilitation.

Here you can find an extract of the publication (in German).

For more information, see www.schaeffer-poeschel.de. Owner of the copyright for the article is Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag Stuttgart.