p4d New Year greetings 2022

Shaping profound changes

The last two years have shown the world how unpredictable developments are. Especially in times of crisis, the ability to transform is in demand. We sincerely wish you a year 2022 in which you actively use your potentials and create your opportunities with joy.

A good start, wish

Claus-Bernhard Pakleppa, Dr. Brigitte Schwinge, all partners & the whole team of p4d

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p4d is official partner of the asynchronous, interactive collaboration platform Howspace

As an official partner of "Howspace", we use the asynchronous, interactive collaboration platform for the successful implementation of organizational developments and processes in virtual, hybrid and analog participation formats, transformation processes, events, trainings, research and for long-term collaboration in organizational development.

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Digital Transformation Officer Training

How do I successfully design digital transformation projects in my organization? Be it from an IT perspective role comment or be it another organizational role. And how do I ensure that such a transformation is carried out sustainably in my organization?

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LEA Podcast #60 | Transformation – what is that actually?

Exciting times: Many organizations are experiencing the need for profound change in order to adapt to new things. Working on their own future viability is elementary for the survival of the organization. How transformation works and succeeds and why this is actually joyful work for organizations right now - in these exciting times when many things are being turned upside down - is what we talk about as guests in this episode of the LEA Podcast.

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Transformation – profound changes

Unpredictable developments and radical, sometimes existential changes in politics, society, the market and technology are no longer the exception, but the rule. Most organizations react to this as they have always done in the past: They optimize. But that is no longer enough...

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p4d at the Global Business Anthropology Summit 2021

Are we really ready for 2030? And what about 2080?
These are the questions luminaries from academia and business leaders will be asking themselves from June 14, 2021 to June 18, 2021 as part of the Global Business Anthropology Summit 2021.
The Summit will open with two challenging and inspiring presentations by Joana Breidenbach and Carlo Colpo, followed by a conversation between the two, moderated by Claus-Bernhard Pakleppa.

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Invisible Powers – The Importance of the Ownership System for Organizational Culture and the Design of Organizational Culture Processes

An owner-managed company functions according to different principles than a listed company with a partly unspecifiable and intangible set of (co-)owners. A non-profit association functions according to different mechanisms than a state organization or a cooperative. In this context, the organizational culture is, among other factors, significantly shaped by the ownership structure.

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Enabling the successful software implementation of SAP S4/Hana through change management.

Enabling the successful software implementation of SAP S4/Hana through change management. The introduction of new software and the harmonization of the associated processes is successful if, in addition to the operational issues, the cultural issues are also taken into account, if they affect the way the organization works, and if change management systematically accompanies and monitors this process.

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Transformation Compass

Many organizations are currently undergoing profound and accelerated changes. What are the occasions for transformation and how do they deal with them? What are the factors of success or failure in the eyes of the stakeholders involved? The aim of the Transformation Compass 2021 study was to use an online survey to ascertain the understanding of transformation among stakeholders who are currently involved in a far-reaching change process in their organization or have been involved in the last three years. The study is part of a research project of the Wiesbaden Business School (Prof. Dr. Klaus North) in collaboration with the organizational consultancy p4d GmbH, the organizational consultant Oliver Haas and in cooperation with SYNERGIE VD GmbH with the aim of better understanding, enabling and shaping transformation processes.

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Transformation Compass 2020 online survey: “Change fixes the past – transformation creates the future

With this in mind, we invite you to share your experiences with profound change in your organization together with the Wiesbaden Business School and in cooperation with SYNERGIE VD GmbH. The Transformation Compass 2020 will be published in spring 2021 and the results will flow into the book "Lust auf Transformation - tiefgreifende Veränderungen erfolgreich gestalten", by the authors Oliver Haas, Prof Klaus North and Claus Bernhard Pakleppa, which will be published in summer 2021.

Curious? Then please click on the link to participate in the survey: https://bit.ly/3lhxvMS.

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